Stella Reddy Defends The Racist Donald Trump

There is absolutely no doubt nor can there be any form of serious arguments that Donald Trump is a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, with sectarianism beliefs and a “grab them by the pussy” sexual predator.

The world has witnessed Donald Trump violate the rights of peaceful, anti-black protesters with force and tear gas. All the while at the exact same time 400 meters away claiming he supports them, all in the name of getting that perfect photo-op at a church.

Donald Trump lacks of empathy for Black Lives Matter and calls athletes who kneel for equality and to stop police brutality. “sons of bitches“

Donald Trump has referred to African countries, Haiti and El Salvador as ”shitholes.“

Donald Trumps lacks the understanding of diplomacy, respect for law, the constitution and compassion for the poor and it is beyond mind boggling.

Donald Trump and his sinking poll numbers will be legendary for being the single worse President since the creation of the United States of America in 1776.

On November 13, 2018 an individual posted a meme in a reply on twitter to a tweet by Donald Trump @therealdonaldtrump

The individuals meme was clearly heckling Donald Trump’s tweet. The individuals meme read as followed; Donald Trump with the caption – GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY! And then an elder indigenous man reply’s in a caption – I’VE NEVER BEEN TO EUROPE.

Stella Reddy commented on this individuals meme on January 12, 2019 by visiting the individuals account and leaving a comment and attaching the individuals user name to her comment about their meme to ensure that the individual would be notified of her comment to their post @therealdonaldtrump

Stella Reddy commented on the individuals meme that they were an “asshole” for the posting the meme in response to the tweet by Donald Trump @therealdonaldtrump.

It is clear that Stella Reddy @sredd46 was very upset at this individual who was calling out Donald Trump and his tweet.

1 – Stella Reddy could have retweeted  Donald Trumps original post and attached an “asshole” comment to her retweet if the ”asshole” comment was really meant and directed at Donald Trump.

2 – Stella Reddy could have also just replied or commented directly to the original tweet by Trump on his account @therealdonaldtrump, if the ”asshole” comment was really meant and directed at Donald Trump.

3 – Stella Reddy could have also attached /included Donald Trumps username @therealdonaldtrump in her comment in the individuals account, on the meme. Which would then notify Donald Trump about her ”asshole” comment if the ”asshole” comment was really meant and directed at Donald Trump.

4 – Or Stella Reddy could had just said in plain text in the individuals post  “Donald Trump is an asshole” instead of just “asshole” if the ”asshole” comment was really meant and directed at Donald trump.

But Stella Reddy did none of the above, instead Stella Reddy directly commented at the individuals account, who posted the meme and wrote ”asshole“.

It is clear that it Stella Reddy’s comment was not meant or directed at Donald Trump. Instead it was direct at the individual who posted the meme as she attached their username to her comment of ”asshole.” So any person who searches this individuals username will see the meme and the comment left by Stella Reddy that hey are and :”asshole” for posting the meme.

It is clear that Stella Reddy’s comment of “asshole“ was directed only at the individual of the meme.  As she makes no attempts to attach the ”asshole” comment to Donald Trump and is username @therealdonaldtrump in any way.

It appears that Stella Reddy is a strong defender of the racist Donald Trump as she clearly has come to his defense when the individual  simply heckled the Donald Trump on what appears to be his immigration policies.

Is it that Stella Reddy has the same views as Donald Trump and wants all indigenous individuals or maybe all non-whites to get out of her country?

What we do know is that Stella Reddy is not happy with this individuals meme that mocks her apparently favorite celebrity Donald Trump!

And Stella Reddy wants people to believe that she is not a racist, when she is trying to insult individuals with rude and vulgar and explicit language for calling out a inexcusable racist EX-President of the United States of America and his ignorant beliefs, actions and policies.

Remember the saying that when a individual shows you who they are the first time. Believe them!\