Update: Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio, Anthony Liscio and a barbecue.

UPDATE: On August 16, 2020 Stella Reddy continued her deliberate assault and racist and intentional false claims that interracial married couple / tenantsARE STILL THE ONLY TENANTS WITH A BBQ ON THEIR BALCONY.”

Stella Reddy knowingly continues to try and portray the only unit with a black female living in it as being the Angry Black Woman who is again being uncooperative and just a lying trouble maker tenant.

Stella Reddy posted on her boo hoo pity blog ” When I stated the interracial married couple / tenants were the only ones with a BBQ, it was true, as they were the only ones using a propane BBQ. “

What is that? Is that a barbecue propane tank? It certainly is! That is unit # 502.

And there we go again. Stella Reddy still to this very day is still being the compulsive liar that she is.

We could address the all other barbecues, but at this point there is just no point. Be it one propane barbecue or five. What really is the difference at this point?

The point has been made! Stella Reddy lied AGAIN and it has been proven with photographic evidence that was taken at the time the original statement was made by Stella Reddy.

The picture was given to a government agency at the same time so as to document the date of the pictures was taken.

Proving that Stella Reddy lied once or a hundred times at this point just takes up pointless amounts of time and energy on everyone time. Again it has been proven beyond any doubt that Stella Reddy is a liar and is willing to lie even after the fact of being handed evidence in advance of her future lie.

Why? Because Stella Reddy can’t stand the idea that a Black female has been able to out smart her and physically prove that she is a racist and a bigot. Stella Reddy is SO DESPERATE to clear her name that she will continue to lie despite having knowing it is a outright lie.

With Stella Reddy’s endless amounts of lies that continue to prove that she can not handle being called out as a racist and a bigot.

You see all of Stella Reddy’s sad and pathetic attempts over the years to try and mislead and misinform people do not work on this website, AND IT DRIVES HER CRAZY!!!

Stella Reddy does not have a systemic racist system behind her on this site.

The facts are that NO ONE from the SJTO, HRTO, the Caucasian racist SJTO member Kevin Lundy, Lugi Liscio, Anthony Liscio or David Strashin are cocky enough or confidence to do anything about these sites. Why? Because they are fact based and evidence supported, period!

There are no lies, no perjury or alter documents like what Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio or his son Anthony Liscio did back on September 26, 2017 at the public LTB form hearing.

NOT EVEN STELLA REDDY has the nerve to proceed with any legal options, despite her numerous threats of having it in the works.

Stella Reddy my play crazy, but she ain’t stupid!! She knows that bringing these websites into the legal realms will most certainly expose her as the racist and bigot to a larger audience! And Stella Reddy don’t want that. Remember she is still trying to actively find work because she can’t afford to retire on her enabler husband Russell Reddy low income job.

EVERYONE AND ANYONE IS openly welcome to challenge these websites and pursue legal recourse. Let’s see who steps up to this challenge? They all know how to get in contact with me if need be.

Remember that a SJTO member ( adjudicator ) and three Divisional courts judges all stated that Stella Reddy speaks like a racist and therefore acts like a racist!

But again this is why Stella Reddy is the racist and bigot she is. Because she knows that systemic racist system is to busy trying to protect their own the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy then correct her.

Any finding by any government agency that Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio acted in a racist manner. Would certainly contradict Kevin Lundy’s findings and would certainly call into question why he refused to hear the interracial married couples / tenants evidence of about the named 3.

The racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy conveniently refused to hear or read, despite illegally taking the evidence about Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio racist behavior and anti-black treatment against the interracial married couple / tenants.

This is why Stella Reddy continues to knowingly lie day after day without fear. Because racist like the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy embrace, enable people like her, because they believe that they can not be held accountable for their own racist behavior and shady anti-black actions.

Remember when an individual like the racist Caucasian SJTO member Kevin Lundy, Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio or his son Anthony Liscio show you what they are about the first time. Believe them!