Pt. 8

The Liar / Catch Me If You Can Routine

– And a lot of their accusations are false –

Did we all just witness Stella Reddy commit a Freudian slip?

The Freudian slip was named after Sigmund Freud and it is believed to be an error in speech, memory, or a physical action that occurs due to the interference that is linked to the unconscious mind.

These slips apparently reveal the real and true thoughts and go against what is being said.

It basically means that despite telling a lie, your subconscious allows the truth to slip out without notice to the speaker.

Stella Reddy does not say that ALL of interracial married couple / tenants accusation of racism are false.

What she does she says is A LOT of their accusation are false.

So this has to means that some of the interracial married couple / tenants accusations of racism and anti-black behavior made against Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio are true, as they are not false.

You see the brain is an amazing thing. It has a mind of its own and it is not natural for it to want to lie.

You see small acts of dishonesty by an individual’s sometimes need to evolve into more significant lies. In other words, lies breed lies. It is at this time the brain has to learn to desensitize to the dishonesty.

Stella Reddy consciously denies every accusation of racist and anti-black behavior claims made against her by the interracial married couple / tenants.

But then states in a public form, to the racist SJTO member Kevin Lundy on her own free will that and a lot of their accusations are false.

You will see reading this website that Stella Reddy is a absolute horrible liar.

With this current performance by Stella Reddy. This is what we like to call The Liar / Catch Me If You Can Routine.

You see Stella Reddy and other offenders will deny and lie about everything and see what the accuser can prove. Then if proven true, they continue to deny and now claim they are twisting your words.

This is a classic performance/routine by Stella Reddy and other racist.

The Liar / Catch Me If You Can Routine

– Ahhh, I don’t speak that way –

And there we go, another classic The Liar / Catch Me If You Can Routine.

Stella Reddy once again is lying and hoping that no one will catch on and call her out on it.

During the public hear, on hear blogs and in legal documents. Stella Reddy uses the prejudice slur Newfie without fear and regard to the offense it causes people and that it is NOT socially acceptable.

I’m Newfie.  If anybody asks me, I’m a Newfie… I don’t say I’m Canadian…

Stella Reddy even doubles down on this prejudice slur Newfie during the public hearing so as to imply that it has some form of relevance and proof to her argument that she is not a racist.

Apparently Stella Reddy does not understand or does not care that the term Newfie is defined as a prejudice slur that was used in Newfie jokes that depicts Newfoundlanders as stupid and foolish. Newfoundlanders consider Newfie as a slur, as it was used by American and Canadian military forces stationed on the island.

Now let us remember that Stella Reddy tried to act as if she was so naive as to not know what the word Mulatto meant while using it in the correct context..

And now she is using a prejudice slurs Newfie in a public forum and in the proper context, again?

Yet she wants people to believe she does not use slurs and prejudice language because she don’t speak that way.

For Stella Reddy to even try and convince anyone of this only shows her desperation to try and free herself of her racist words and anti-black actions against the interracial married couple / tenants.

This defense of being from Newfoundland is so ridicules for Stella Reddy use that it is incomprehensible as to how it is suppose to justify her behavior?

The facts are that Stella Reddy has no fear in using offensive slurs, language an racist rhetoric.

Like Mark Meadows she surrounds herself with a support network of like minded individuals.

You know the saying. Show me your network of family and friends and I will show you what your all about.

Remember HER SISTER Cindy Jones who was erratic and furious that her boyfriend just because he talking to the interracial married couple / tenants on the cell phone.

Again… Show me your network of family and friends and I will show you what your all about.