Pt. 14


So we have finally come to the ned of this long journey about Stella Reddy and her racist and anti-black behaviour a SJTO Landlord and Teant hearing infront of a racist Cascian SJTO emmeber Kevin Lundy.

So let us sum this up quicky.

The facts are that the proven and fearless racist Mark Meadows and the Stella Reddy are identical. They both act, speak and believe in the same negative way about non-whites as all other offenders do.

The have used the exact same routines on numerous accounts to try and explain away their racist and anti-black behavior.

  • I’m Mad And Offended Routine
  • The Hero / Good Samaritan Routine
  • The Objectifying / Prop Routine
  • The I Have Black Family / Friends Routine
  • The Kumbaya / Color Blind Routine
  • The Victim Routine
  • The Do Diligence / Doing My Job
  • I Am The Caucasian / Canadian/American In The Room Routine
  • You’re The Racist Routine

And then there is this moment where Stella Reddy seems to show support the racist President Donald Trump.

At some point in time you have to be not like Stella reddys employeers Luigi Liscio and his some Anthiony Liscio and not sit on your hands and refuse to accept the facts.

If someone talks like a racist.
If someone behaves like a racist.
Than that someone is a racist!

What you see with Stella Reddy and Mark Meadows is what you get. You can not say that you were surprised after meeting them and learning of their racist and anti-black behaviors.

Remember the saying that when a individual like Stella Reddy shows you who she is the first time. Believe her. Because she can’t change what is in heart.

And it does not stop here. There is a ton more material that I will post as time goes on. Stella Reddy is a constant giver to the claims that she is a racist.

Please check out the other site to get a better idea of what this whole situation is about. You will learn about so much about the systematic Judaical System and racist property owners and their employees.

The reality in all of this is that ignorance will always be a way of life for some people. Thank God not for all!!!