Shutdown AGAIN!!!

So here is a familair email,

And It Was That Easy!

So now the list is at 10 different websites that have been removed and Stella Reddy’s accounts have been suspended.

Stella Reddy clearly does not understand that society will not tolerate her racist behavior and deliberate lies, hence why they keep take her racist propaganda websites offline without questions.

Will she stop? I hope not.

Why? Because we really enjoy letting her create these huge sites, with endless amounts of lies, boo hoo stories, and content and then having them exposed for what they are and having them removed. It seriously brings us joy on an already great day.

So Stella Reddy you go ahead and create your racist websites, and they will continue to be ignored by us, and then suddenly one day you will wake up, and they will be gone and your account will be suspended AGAIN!!!

Because as a racist this is what you do best, be obsessed with our interracial family.