Show me your friends, and I will show you what your about! pt. 3

Day 11 August 07, 2020 White Pride Stella Reddy’s is still promoting her buddy/friend racist and White Pride Cherie White undercover racist website. With a 2nd link on her boo-hoo blog..

In fact at 6:00 pm this evening (August 07, 2020 ) they were sharing the same post on Facebook. Isn’t that nice to see these two racist bigots working together to post the exact same things on their timelines.

Remember ONLY RACIST want to be associated with RACIST!

August 07, 2020 6:00 pm – Facebook Pages

“Are the interracial married couple / tenants now going to go after, judge, and tear down, anyone who likes and comments on my site, even random strangers? Such venom against total strangers on this site. I would really like to know who make interracial married couple / tenants judge, jury, and executioners, of anyone. They write their content as if only their opinions matter and their versions are the truth. It is only an opinion.”

Stella Reddy would like to ” know who make interracial married couple / tenants judge, jury, and executioners, of anyone.

Is this not a question that she should be directing at her racist White Pride buddy/friend Cherie White and her husband John White? They apparently on Facebook judge and take exception to everyone and anyone that is not an extreme racist.

Day 14 August 10, 2020 White Pride Stella Reddy’s is still promoting her buddy/friend racist and White Pride Cherie White’s undercover racist website. With a 3rd link on Facebook.

August 10, 2020 9:30 am – Facebook Pages

Just over a month – August 31, 2020 White Pride Stella Reddy’s is still proudly promoting her buddy/friend racist and White Pride Cherie White and her husband John White with multiple new links on her boo-hoo blog.

Now let us again look at White Pride Stella Reddy coming to the defense of her white supremacy friends and supporters Cherie White and John White.

Stella Reddy states;

It is pretty obvious why? White Pride Cherie White and her husband John White are White Supremacist! But Stella Reddy has her head so far up their ass that she refuses to acknowledge their hatred for anyone who is not white.

Why? Because it fits within her boo-hoo blog of anti-black rhetoric and racist behavior.

Yes Stella Reddy is a pissed off because the interracial married couple / tenants keep showing a direct admiration and love for the racist Cherie White and her husband John White by Stella Reddy.

Stella Reddy loves to state “See the manipulations there? Why do the male from the interracial married couple / tenants feel comfortable doing these actions online against total strangers once again? Does he really think all the nasty comments will influence anyone to NOT associate with this couple?”

You see Stella Reddy like a true racist narcissistic loves to talk out both sides of her mouth. Stella Reddy is a opportunist who will say and do what fits her moment, her narrative.

Stella Reddy screams to the heavens that any individual who is a bully/ racist like Cherie White and her husband John White needs to be confronted and called out for their behavior.

There is absolutely no argument to be made her that Cherie White and her husband John White are bullies who post and say racist things about non-whites. This is why Stella Reddy so admires them!

Example.. Here we have a post by John White about  vigilante shooter Kyle Rittenhouse. A 17 year old who has been charged in the cold blood murders of 2 young men Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, of Kenosha, and Anthony Huber, 26 and a injured a third man Gaige Grosskreutz, 26.

Joh White now promotes these very unfortunate killings as being a “fight for Kyle and for ALL Freedom Loving Americans.”

Look at Cherie White’s newest post. Playing the I Have Black Friends Routine.

You see these to White Supremacist can not comprehend that Black Lives Matter is about the injustice and systemic racist Police forces in America!

The murders by the out of state vigilante shooter Kyle Rittenhouse prove this alone.

Watch as the vigilante Caucasian Kyle Rittenhouse carry an illegal gun, across state-lines to a BLM protest, as he walks up the middle of the street, wearing a lightweight AR 15 semi-automatic rifle, towards the Police who are responding to the shootings/murders that where just committed by Kyle Rittenhouse.

Not a single Police vehicle or officer chooses to stop this Caucasian Kyle Rittenhouse to inquire what, if any his role he had in any of this.

When they do pull over slightly to his side of the road they only ask him, “Someone injured straight ahead?” They then pull out left and proceed straight.

We do know that the Police NEVER interacted or questioned the Caucasian Kyle Rittenhous, who is wearing a rifle about what happened and what was his involvement. As it was not until the following day that he was arrested.

This is a perfect example of what is called White Privilege!

Does anyone believe that if ANY Black individual was to have committed these same crimes that night. That they would have been able to walk peacefully down the middle of the street, wearing a rifle and NOT A SINGLE POLICE officers would have stopped them, let alone shoot them?

And this is the racist beliefs that Cherie White and her husband John White choose not to understand because they are racist and refuse to acknowledge that America has racism in their Police forces and that there are two different forms of justice!

Like Stella Reddy they choose to minimize what the true issue is a hand and continue to spew their racist beliefs on social media.

These are the type of people that Stella Reddy loves to get compliments and pity from. These are the type of people that Stella Reddy likes to defend and promote on her pity boo-hoo blog!

Why? Because they are racist just like the Caucasian Stella Reddy!

Go and review their Facebook pages yourself. Don’t take our word on their racist views and post. Cherie White who claims she is am the Army brat, Christian, Wife, Mom, Blogger & Writer. Loves God, family, friends and music! Family is #1

CHRISTIAN and LOVES GOD my ass! Their Facebook pages spew nothing but racist rhetoric and propaganda for the racist President Donald Trump!


It appears the boo-hoo White Pride Stella Reddy is more upset and concerned that this website is addressing the extremely racist and ignorant Facebook pages of her above two White Pride friends/buddies. Than how she has deliberate and willfully wants to associate herself with these racist individuals.

Stella Reddy states “who make interracial married couple / tenants judge, jury, and executioners, of anyone.

Now let us really now sit back and review this sentence made by White Pride Stella Reddy.

Why does Stella Reddy care so much if the interracial married couple / tenants want to judges these to racist individuals?

According to Stella Reddy they are just “random strangers” to her. Despite by her own blog admissions she has been communication with them over the period of a couple days, at least.

I am sure these two self-taught Bully Experts have had exhaustive conversations well past the 4 lines Stella Reddy has so graciously shared with us. One can only imagine what these two all-day and everyday social media bloggers, website comment posters had to chat about for hours upon end?

Cherie White and John White are not random strangers to Stella Reddy as she wants people to believe. Random stranger is defined as – A complete stranger is and individual who you have never met or communicated in the past.


  • It’s still weird having random strangers saying Hello.
  • So I have decided that it’s time to abandon all self-respect and ask a load of random strangers on the internet what I’m doing wrong.
  • I was walking down the street and a random stranger asked my if I could afford to give them a dollar?

You see Stella Reddy quickly comes to their defense because she feels like she needs to protect one of her own Cacasian and/or racist “wonderful peoples”.

Just like she did when she started plotting to get have the interracial married couple / tenants evicted from the building of her Caucasian bosses Lugi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio.

It was not until recently that Stella Reddy really started exposed her White Pride / White Supremacy beliefs so brazenly. We always suspect it, but there was just nothing that sealed the deal on it.

But with Stella Reddy newest communications with a proven White Pride Cherie White ( Whitemorre). And Stella’s Reddy’s acknowledgment of knowing about their extremist White Pride and Anti-everything that ain’t White Pride related Facebook pages.

And now Stella Reddy’s deep concern and complaining that the interracial couple have no right or place to judge these racist pieces of shit to the human race.

With Stella Reddy’s own self-absorbed logic that it is okay for her to associate with proven racist because they offer her the “support” that she craves.

“What is wrong with support, no matter where it comes from, if it helps you?”

It is pretty clear what Stella Reddy is.

Stella Reddy is like a little baby. You can dangle a shiny object in front of her and she can not see past it. You tantalize her with a pretty little trinket to be your friend.

Stella Reddy is exactly the same as the White Pride Cherie White and her White Pride husband John White.

Stella Reddy “Loves” Cherie White professional blog ( Chateau Cherie ) – Exposing Bullies and Liberating Targets to Make The World a Safer Place for All.

Cherie White states “Know that YOU HAVE FRIENDS HERE.” Stella Reddy replies “It helps greatly TO FEEL SO ALONE in this struggle against bullies.”

Stella Reddy is obsessed with Cherie White because they are one in the same.

Cherie White is a racist bully who gives advice and support to thous who seek it from her.

You know the types, the Ku Klux Klan, gangs, white supremacy groups and drug dealers ect.

These types of individuals and/or groups pray and seek out weak minded individual who feel like they don’t have any support from their family or friends. Or they feel like they don’t fit in general society because they just don’t understand them

These predators offer weak minded individual what they are looking for. A friend, a like mind individual, a form of support and an ear to cry into.

And this is why Stella Reddy “reached out” to White Pride Cherie White.

1 – Because when the middle-aged Causcasin woman who’s inner circle is getting tired of hearing the endless ramble on and complain everyday and

2 – she see a beautiful blog that states “I’m a married mother of two grown children and grandmother of one, residing in Covington, Tennessee. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, music, exercise, camping, hiking, swimming and inner-tubing. I love ’80s Hair Metal, Prince (musician) and the Alabama Crimson Tide.” and

3 – like her own blog, they offer enlightening quotes and pretty little posters everyday “Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family.” and

4 – like her own blog they offer every day, all day great wisdom on bullies. ( because they themselves are the bullies ) and

5 – she like what she see’s on their personal social media accounts.

Things were bound to happen and Stella Reddy was bound to “reach out”

In Stella Reddy’s eyes, Cherie White is just expansion of herself. They are exact duplicates of racist behavior and sob stories.

Stella Reddy is arrogantly willing to dismiss all the racist Facebook post by Cherie White and her husband John White because the “I love your blog” fits into her narrative. It is that simple and that obvious!

— Ignorance please meet Arrogance —

You see what Stella Reddy is deliberately trying to do is rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic for the best view of not seeing the ship sinking.

But no matter where Stella Reddy places the deck chairs. In the end everyone is still going to see her true racist colours.

Does Stella Reddy really think that she can convince people into believing that don’t know what she is doing? Well that is Stella Reddy being – Dumb on Display.

In the end no matter what Stella Reddy says, does or post. The reality is that EVERYONE, minus her enabling husband Russell Reddy. Can see that Stella Reddy will buddy/cozy up with anyone who will listen to her boo-hoo story of how the interracial married couple / tenants did her so wrong by calling her out on her racist behavior.

You see Stella Reddy is a needy individual. She needs to be liked and appreciated and feel important like a Narcissist. She wants people to accept her and her boo-hoo blog. And this is why Stella Reddy is always feeling sorry for herself. Stella Reddy is ALWAYS a victim and I have to admit she plays it well.

Stella Reddy literally has cried to Government agencies about all the wrongs that the interracial married couple / tentants and her “alleged” former bosses Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio have done to her.

These Government agencies hear the Stella Reddy one sided boo-hoo pitiful shtick.

Stella Reddy just randomly drops into her conversations with Government agencies about how…

  • she was in a house fire in Newfoundland in 1991
  • she was on welfare
  • she had some surgeries for issues with my legs
  • she was diagnosed 1993 with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the fire 2 years earlier
  • she got married to her enabler Russell Reddy in1996
  • she had cancer of the Vulva
  • she has arthritis in both knees
  • she has Degenerative Disc Disease
  • she has scervical stenosis
  • she has Fibromyalgia
  • she had tendon tear in her left shoulder
  • she has high blood pressure
  • she has 2 Diabetes.
  • she has two children who are all grown now and on their own.
  • her oldest child who is transgender.
  • her other sonwho is 30 was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder when he was 4 yrs old
  • she cries all the time
  • she doesn’t bother getting dressed
  • her 72 yr old mother recently scheduled for gall bladder removal
  • her niece in Newmarket just had her first baby and hasn’t been able to visit because transit terrifies her

and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on. But Stella Reddy will state immediately after “I am not looking for sympathy”

Think about this. This was not just made up for the site. This is Stella Reddy’s actual words and behavior. This is the kind of irrelevant information Stella Reddy puts in legal documents when trying muddy the waters when she tries to defend herself against her racist behavior, words and actions.

As previously said, this is Stella Reddy’s shtick/routine. Playing the boo-hoo pity routine whenever she can and waits to see what happens? There is nothing in it for her to lose!

This boo-hoo routine is relevant to nothing so why would Stella Reddy constantly play it?

Stella Reddy, David Strashin, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio know they have been lucky up until this point.

They have used a systemically racist Judicial system to their advantage.

Having people like the racist Caucasian SJTO members Kevin Lundy protecting them after physically seeing and hearing their deliberate racist and stereotypical lies and behavior. Who would eventually make up excuses to justify their racist behavior.

Or racist white privileged old Caucasian Divisional Court judges like

  • Justice Dambrot J.
  • Justice Wilton-Siegel
  • Justice Emery J.J.

Who refused to hear evidence and were deliberately argumentative to eat up the interracial married couple / tenants requested time to present their case that was subsequently modified and shortened and given to David Strashin

And denied their right to argue evidence of conduct by the racist Caucasian SJTO member of Kevin Lundy that was based on his conduct after the fact

Where they refused to address issues or evidence that proved racism and and just out right ignored case law, stating that it did not read as it appeared to read in plain text.

Or the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario who were deliberately setting up a dismissal of the interracial married couples / tenants claims of human rights violations against Stella Reddy, Lugi Liscio and his son Anthony Lisico. All in an attempt to protect their own Caucasian racist SJTO member Kevin Lundy from be held account for his own racist behavior during the hearing.

Refusing on several occasional to clarify or even address the interracial married couple / tenants written request for some clarification so as to trying to understand the order that they were told to do by a staff member. Not even a professional lawyer could figure out what the order was addressing in regards to HRTO concerns.

Or the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario lack of willingness to investigate their own member the racist SJTO Caucasian member Kevin Lundy racist behavior during the hear. Stating they do not have the jurisdiction to investigate their own members.

Or the Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario own lack of willingness to even acknowledge, let alone address a written complaint filed by the interracial married couple / tenants back in September 2019.

And this is what a systemic racism judicial system looks like.

As previous stated Stella Reddy, David Strashin, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio know they have been lucky up until this point. This is why NO ONE was filed with the HRTO or brought a libel action for damages, an apology and the removal of the websites alleging that the they falsely alleged racist and unfounded claims.

Unlike Stella Reddy who creates websites under the male from interracial married couples / tenants name claiming to be him while posting lies and comments on a blog that are negative to the interracial married couple / tenants themselves.

These websites are opinion based context which is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it is also backed up by these 3 Amigos own documents, emails, pictures, testimony, recordings and behavior

And yet no decision maker of this situation wanted to hear ANY facts OR see the large amounts of physical evidence that certainly proved Stella Reddy, Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio acted in a racist, prejudice, discriminatory and anti-black manner towards the interracial married couple / tenants.

This was because everyone was trying to protecting one of their own, the racist Caucasian lawyer and SJTO member Kevin Lundy.

I openly welcome and patiently wait for ANY individual or Government Agency to start ANY legal proceeding in regards to these websites, that will never come!

As it would be a perfect way to expose these racist and the Systemic Racist Judaical system for what it/they are, as none of them have clean hands!

There is absolutely no argument that the inherently racist judicial system is racist. It does exist and is confirmed through the news and case law.

Canadian judge acknowledges anti-black racism in court – June 28, 2016

“Citing statistics highlighting the dramatic increase in black prisoners in Canada (upwards of 80% over the past decade), and acknowledging that social factors, particularly anti-black racism, were root causes, he wrote “while this court is not in a position to remedy the societal issues, it can and should take the societal context into account in fashioning an appropriate sentence for an individual offender.

Indeed, a fundamental principle in Canadian law is that “a sentence must be proportional to the gravity of the offence and the degree of responsibility of the offender.” To put things simply, Justice Morgan acknowledged both the existence of anti-black racism in Canada and its influence on one’s participation crime and criminal justice. Having turned his life around, Morgan did not want Reid become another statistic. Given what we now know about the serious negative consequences of incarceration, our society would benefit if more members of the Canadian judiciary followed suit.”

Court of Appeal for Ontario, R. v. Wilson, 1996 CanLII 376 (ON CA)

“It is unrealistic and illogical to assume that anti-black attitudes stop at the borders of Metropolitan Toronto. The trial judge erred in refusing to allow the accused to challenge prospective jurors for cause on the basis of racial bias. The trial judge’s own personal experience could not be objectively verified and therefore represented a very difficult area for the exercise of judicial discretion. Any distinction based on a geographical boundary between Metropolitan Toronto and communities elsewhere in Ontario is arbitrary and should not form the basis for a judicial exercise of discretion to refuse the challenge. Judicial notice is taken that there are a higher number of black persons residing inside Metropolitan Toronto than outside that metropolis. People who have fewer interactions with black persons are probably more likely to have negative views of black persons and thus the judicial system must be concerned about the potential of racial prejudice outside Metropolitan Toronto.” 

R. c. Mankwe, 1997 CanLII 17471 (QC CS)

“Doherty J.A. has therefore accepted the fact that the evil of racism in contemporary Canadian society is a reality and that blacks are among the principal victims of “that evil”. While some of his concerns focus on Metropolitan Toronto, I can find nothing in his comments which would suggest that the evil of racism, as it affects blacks, is significantly less of a concern outside the boundaries of Metropolitan Toronto. There is no evidence before this court to explain the growth of anti-black racism in Canada, or to single out Metropolitan Toronto in particular. I take judicial notice of the fact that the principal concentration of Ontario’s black citizens is in Metropolitan Toronto, but that in my opinion does not lead to any rational conclusion that anti-black attitudes would therefore be less evident elsewhere in Ontario. The media philosopher Marshall McLuhan used the term “global village” to describe the impact of the media, and of television in particular, on the lives of the majority of our citizens. The influence of negative stereotyping on all of the citizens of Ontario cannot therefore be underestimated.”

We will never know because not even Stella Reddy can explain away the irrelevant to it when using it as a defense or a justification for Government Agencies to get involved.

R v. Kandhai, 2020 ONSC 3580 (CanLII) June 9, 2020

“In light of the prevalence of anti-black prejudice, it ought to come as no surprise that it is also an established fact that African Canadians are overrepresented in the criminal justice system and in the jails.”

“I did reach out to Ontario Health and Safety recently and spent over an hour on the phone with them talking about this situation… and filed a complaint, on the interracial married couple / tenants! This is so an investigation can be done about the Adult Bullying and obvious Smear Campaign online instigated by them against me and other family members, even the owners! Even other tenants living here could be affected by the target the interracial married couple / tenants placed on me and the property. I had a nice chat, was told what could be done, and it will be done. Even my sister can file a complaint, as she is also named on these sites.”

But enough about that. That is for a different site.

Now back to White Pride Stella Reddy.

Stella Reddy quickly is running out of people and Government Agencies to cry too. She has now desperately resorted to going to the Ministry of Labour – Ontario Health and Safety complain about the indisputable documents and facts on these sites.

Let us note that the Ministry of Labour – Ontario Health and Saftey is there to protect all workers and their rights to return home each day safe and sound.

Let us clarify that the Ministry of Labour – Ontario Health and Safety’s mandate is to preventing work-related illness and injury at any workplace.

The Ministry of Labour – Ontario Health and Safety enforces the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Not sure how Stella Reddy figures this applies to anything that relates to the interracial married couple / tenants? Maybe she got this “wonderful” advice from her White Pride buddy/friend Cherie White?

It is at this point it is not worth any else time to address any more of Stella Reddy White Pride foolish behavior or her White Pride friend Cherie White and her White Pride husband John White.

It has been pretty and obviously established at this point that Stella Reddy is a desperate racist who is running out of options in her attempts to stop her past from biting her in the ass. Stella Reddy wants nothing more in life then these websites down because they show the truth about her racist behavior with her own documents, testimony, pictures, blog and so on.

Stella Reddy has had ample of opportunity to try and example away the evidence, but instead she was always played the boo-hoo pity routine and has muddy’s the waters with so much lies and misleading facts to this point. That not a single individual has been smart or intelligent enough to comprehend what is going on.

And no one has been willing to put a leash and muzzle on Stella Reddy to prevent her from muddling the waters beyond comprehension.

Plus you have a system that is trying to protect one of their own lawyers and SJTO members which does not help or make the situation easier.

So with that said. When talking to a racist, you can not make sense out of nonsense!