Show me your friends, and I will show you what your about! pt. 1

So let me be clear that I do not ask for these amazing gifts from Stella Reddy. She just hands them over willingly. Stella Reddy is like that gift that just keeps on giving and giving.

Time to recap…

Remember when Stella Reddy came to the defense of a Donald Trump on twitter. The tweet itself was actually pretty witty and was a jab at the racist President of United States Donald Trump.

And Stella Reddy took offense to the tweet and called the poster of the tweet an “ASSHOLE” for posting it.

 Remember when I said when people like Stella Reddy show you who they are the first time. Believe them!

Here we go again.

Stella Reddy posted on her blog July 24, 2020 “I took all my courage and reached out to talk to someone, and they accepted my story, as I have written here of Adult Bullies and Smear Campaigns online.”

So who could this mystery individual be that Stella Reddy has researched and reach out too? 

Who could this mysterious individual be that has accepted Stella Reddy’s boo-hoo pity blog?

The first guess is Cherie White.

Who is Cherie White?

Well how do I sum this up without typing 500 plus pages.

Cherie Whitemoore and her husband John White are…

  • Conspiracy fanatics that try and promote unfounded and idiotic government fear among Americans.
  • Promote racism and hatred with viral myths, videos and inaccurate facts and FAKE NEWS.
  • Extremely Anti-Government
  • Anti-Black and Anti-Black Lives Matter
  • Anti-Immigrant
  • Anti-Muslim
  • Pro-Guns
  • Pro-Life
  • Anti-Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • Anti-Mask
  • Anti-China
  • Anti-Gay
  • Extreme God Bless Pro-Americans
  • They hate anything other than what they consider to be White American Culture
  • Extremely over-the-top Religious Republicans
  • And most of all are loyal Donald Trump supporters!

Now to give a you a very, and I mean very small glimpse into this unstable and extremely unbalanced married couple. I have included some of their post from Facebook on this page.

The truth about of this viral story, as of March 8, 2019 is that…

it is viral hoax circulating since January 2005 making the claim that an Asian/Chinese restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia was closed by authorities for offering dishes made of rats, mice, kittens and puppies. This urban legend has been found to be false.

But just like Stella Reddy, it does not stop Cherie White from promoting hatred and stereotypes against Asian/Chinese people in America. She proudly post this rhetoric without fear or concern for this type of false narrative does in regards to race relations in America.

She promotes deliberate lies just like Stella Reddy does. They both act as if it is the real truth, despite the evidence showing otherwise. Why? Because both of them like to use their Caucasian complexion to spread false, misleading and hatred inspired FAKE FACTS to try and gain followers/supports for their social media and blog sites.

A quick intenet search would have clearly pulled up the same information that I found. But Cherie White was to busy trying to gain followers and using FAKE NEWS stories that fit the narrative of her social media and cause.

This is what is called being irresponsible!


Here is the same hypocrite Dr. Stella Immanuel who claims that their is no need for the public to wear mask as she can and has cured Covid-19 wearing a mask. What is she scared of? getting Covid-19?

Like Stella Reddy and Cherie White they are all HYPOCRITES! Talking out both sides of their mouths.

This is the type of people the racist President Donald Trump and Cherie White think should be in charge of Covid-19 for the U.S. population.

WOW, who else was it that was also touting that Hydroxychloroquine should be used to fight Covid-19? thinking… thinking… thinking…

Ohh yes… The racist President of United States Donald Trump.

Trump says he takes hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus infection even though it’s an unproven treatment

And it is this just another example of someone being irresponsible, careless and shameless in the way they promoting a narrative to get followers on social media.

It is this type of irresponsible behavior that has gotten America where it is. Being the most infested country in the world of Covid-19 cases, while here in Canada we steady keep declining in cases and are getting better thanks to universal healthcare.


Let us note that this video was posted on Youtube, 2 years on July 25, 2018.

Again some quick research on the good old internet would have supplied Cherie White with the correct contexts of the video. But that would not have fit into her narrative in her attempts to gain followers on social media.

So Cherie White re-post it as – When you’re a protester and try to Jack the wrong car.

She states that this misrepresentation of the facts that this is all being done in “self-defense”

But this is just another way for Cherie White to promote hatred for people who are enforcing their rights to protesting in America ( Black Lives Matter )


Again who and where did I see someone promoting people to buy Goya Beans again? Thinking… Thinking… Thinking… Ohh yes…

They say a picture is worth a thousands words. These 2 pictures leave me speechless. Not a word in the world can describe how ridicules this was.

The most powerful man in the entire world, sitting behind one of the most hisotoric desk, Resolute Desk. The same desk that was used by some of the Great Presidents in American history and where some of the greatest descions that weere ever made and written at.

  • John F. Kennedy
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Bill Clinton
  • George W. Bush
  • Barack Obama

And this make-up, mask wearing racist Donald Trump uses the Oval Office and the Resolute Desk as a photo-op to promote Goya Beans for a Republican supporter of his?

Again where else has the racist President of the United States Donald Trump done photo-ops?

Ohh yes…

Let us not forget about his racist daughter Ivanka Trump who did the same thing, but decided to add a little NEGRO humor into it. She decided she was going to promote Black Beans.

Even the racist President of the United States Donald Trump was smart enough to know not to use a can with the words Frijoles NEGRO written on it for his photo-op!!

But in the end, the Trumps are more worried about saving canned Black Beans ( Frijoles NEGROS ) than they are about saving Black Lives!

Chris Cuomo summoned it all up in one night and in one phrase. ” They’re selling BEANS?”


Just review the links provided to their Facebook page at the top and you can see for yourself what these racist pieces of trash are all about.

They are just like the racist associate Stella Reddy. They will objectify Black people when it supports their beliefs and cause.

The moment they can locate a video or a picture of a Black individual who spews the same rhetoric they do, or portrays a Black individual(s) in a negative light. WHAM, it is up on their social media accounts for their little group of followers to cheer too..

We all know the routine. I don’t hate Black people, look I post pictures of them on my Facebook! If I was a racist would I do that?

Reviewing white trash Facebook pages like Cherie Whitemoore and her husband John White you will come to notice that this behavior by these bullies is a common theme for them.

NOTE TO Cherie Whitemoore and her husband John White. Your still racist and white trash bullies no matter what your try and portray on your Facebook pages.

Remember ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS!

Try to be a good sheep all day and where your mask.

Despite Cherie White inability to want to acknowledge that racism even exist in world, she is a consistent spreader of false and misleading information.

Cherie White still loves to use Black People on her Facebook page as props to spread her false narrative and her “Bullies” propaganda. Cherie White should practice what she preaches.

In the end let us refresh what was said at the top of this page.

Show me your friends, and I will show you what your about!

When people like Stella Reddy want to socialize, befriend and confide in people like Cherie White and John White. Remember the saying – When an individual show you who they are the first time. Believe them!

Racist only associate with racist, period!!!

Anyone who is a normal non-racist person, who does not believe in this type of false narrative propaganda and will want nothing to do with it or the individuals who promote it.




And they certainly DO NOT TAKE ADVICE FROM THEM!

But her is Stella Reddy proudly promoting her new friend Cherie White’s soothing words of comfort and sympathy.

And again as previous mentioned before hand. This is exactly what Stella Reddy is always striving for when she pleads her boo-hoo pity story to anyone. She wants their SYMPATHY and ACCEPTANCE!

In the end, Stella Reddy is willing to buddy/cozy up with anyone who will listen to her boo-hoo pity story.

Stella Reddy is especially elated if these same people display their pity for her openly on her website for all of her followers to read and endorse.

And Stella Reddy is proudly ecstatic when she can, like Mark Meadows, surrounded herself with like minded individuals, where she can speak freely and say what is really on her racist mind.

It a strange twist of irony. This white pride racist Cherie White’s full last name is cherie.whitemoore according to Facebook.

One can only assume that she changed her name from Whitemoore on social media to White so she could passively show her WHITE Pride.

Stranger things have happened in the world.

What is amazing when reading these clip from Cherie White’s many professional sites. There is absolutely no mention of her or her husband radical racist views about Muslims, Blacks, immigrants and their undying love for the racist President Donald Trump.

There appears to be a lot of stuff that she chooses not to share on her many professional sites verses her social media. It appears that sheonly has White Pride on social media and not on her many professional sites where she tries to make an income.

If it moves like a pig, sounds like a pig, looks like a pig and acts like a pig.

It is definitely a pig!