Property Manager page – 5 / 5

So it has been well established that was Stella Reddy was the property manger at 859 Kennedy Road. But let us put that off to the side for a brief minute and look at the real issue at hand.

The real reason for this web detailed break down of Stella Reddy’s deliberate lies is to expose her for what she it. A pathological liar, con-artist, ungrateful employee and a deliberate racist who will lie under any circumstance to try and save her own reputation when called out for her anti-black racist behavior and actions.

Stella Reddy when confronted with the truth will always lie, play the victim and as you have seen here, try and play the sympathy card in hopes of using the proverbial hand grenade as a way to distract from her anti-black racist actions and behavior to gain pity. It really is pitiful!

That is what racist do, among many other things. Racist have a very common play book that they reference too when they are caught. And Stella Reddy is no different.

Let us look at this in a bigger picture. Stella Reddy is willing to lie about her job title, a simple job title, despite all her own evidence that says to the contrary.

Her own words and documents. We did not make it up or create false documents like she has. IT IS HERS! And still Stella Reddy is willing to argue her own agenda for no logical or reasonable reason.

So if Stella Reddy is willing to lie about this simple and meaningless point such as a job title. Does anyone believe that she would not lie about calling the interracial married couples / tenants bi-racial children the racial slur Mulatto back in June of 2016?

Would anyone believe Stella Reddy when she says that she did not know the term Mulatto was offensive?

Would any believe Stella Reddy when she says that she was not obsessed with having the interracial married couple / tenants evicted strictly because they called her out of her anti-black racist behavior?

How can you? Stella Reddy is willing to lie about something that is so trivial, and no one can not even begin to wrap their minds around why she would WANT TO LIE about it?

Because in the end, property manger, building manager or superintendent all mean the same thing. Stella Reddy was in charge and in control of all the daily activities and responsibilities at 859 Kennedy Road, period!

There really is no need for Stella Reddy to lie!

Let us note that THIS IS NOT THE ONLY lie that Stella Reddy was blatantly made without fear.

This is not the only time that Stella Reddy has shown a dislike for interracial couples / tenants and given preferential treatment to Caucasian units in the building.

These other lies and actions WILL BE brought out onto the website and people will be able to see what Stella Reddy is all about. She is a anti-black racist, bigot, hypocrite and a very bad liar!

Stella Reddy believes in white privilege and that her anti-black racist and offensive language and actions are not of anyone’s concerns. Because she just does not care what anyone thinks about it!

Stella Reddy has been using the systematic racism of the judicial system and the Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario to do her bidding for her!