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On August 30, 2016, the interracial married couple/tenants emailed Stella Reddy and stated “I would like the name of all the owners and their contact information for my application to the Landlord Tenant Board”

Stella Reddy replied on August 31, 2016 and stated

“ Good Morning Allison, As requested, information is as below:

Alto Properties Inc
Suite #100-859 Kennedy Rd
Scarborough ON M1K 2E3
PH: 416-752-3030
Fax: 416-757-0539

The information above is the REGISTERED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT business name and address. If you require anything else please feel free to contact me and I will provide it.

Best Regards,
Stella Reddy
Alto Properties Inc.
859 Kennedy Rd

So back in August of 2016, two years before Stella Reddy decided to try and distance herself from being the actual property manager at 859 Kennedy Road to a superintendent. Stella Reddy openly and proudly admitted in a email that she was the REGISTERED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.

There seems to be something very astonishing about this information. It appears that Stella Reddy also uses the same address Suite #100-859 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough ON M1K 2E3, as the “ registered property management ”

It appears that Stella Reddy also uses the same phone number 416-752-3030, as the “registered property management”

It appears that Stella Reddy also uses the same email address, as the “ registered property management ”

In fact, this very email sent by Stella Reddy to the interracial married couple/tenants was sent from this very same email address used by the “ registered property management ”.

In fact, this same “registered property management” information is also on all the notice of entry and letters created by Stella Reddy.

Again this same “registered property management” information is on every single letter that Stella Reddy has ever written to the tenants. Including the letter she sent out on September 21, 2017 where she stated at the end of the letter “ Best Regards Property Management ”.

In the letter by the alleged Alto Properties Inc. Property Manager Stella Reddy, she encouraged tenants to reach out as ” The staff is always available by telephone at the number above ” and “ If you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact us ” at the registered property management contact information in the top right-hand corner that ONLY SHE USES!

Remember growing up when your parents said..

If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and acts like a duck… It’s a duck!

So Stella Reddy’s own email is a contradiction of her own words from her blog where she posted recently on June 04, 2020.

The owners here called me the building manager, which is why manager was on the board, as it was shorter that either building manager and superintendent. Logical don’t you think? 🙂   I never used it, ever, in my whole career in the industry as it takes certification to be able to use that title

So to recap so far, back on August 31, 2017 a posting in the lobby of 859 Kennedy Road locked notice board stated that the manager of the property was Stella Reddy.

In an email on August 31, 2016 from Stella Reddy gives the contact information for the registered property management. Which is the same contact information used by Stella Reddy when signing off an email to the interracial married couple/tenants.

Now let us review a third document written by Stella Reddy.

On January 12, 2019 Stella Reddy used liquid paper/white-out to cover up her name from a posting in the lobby of 859 Kennedy Road locked notice board that was next to the caption ” Manager ” contact information.

If Stella Reddy never considers herself anything other then a ” building manager “.

Why did she go down to the lobby, unlock the building notice board and use liquid paper/white-out only on her name, and not her husband Russell Reddy?

Why would Stella Reddy attempt to try and disassociate herself from her ” building manager ” title if that is what it really meant?

Then 4 months later on May 05, 2019, Stella Reddy again went to the lobby at 859 Kennedy Road, unlock the notice board and this time decided to tear off the area where his name was previously liquid papered / whited-out area that was covering only her name.

Stella Reddy stated in her online blog on June 17, 2020 ” A part of my issue in my positions in property management was that I was very careful to make sure I was doing the best “

Stella Reddy stated in her online blog on January 05, 2021 “In the residential property management industry, the training I received back in 2000 in Brampton ON”

It appears that Stella Reddy thinks that if you are property management, you are not necessarily the property manager. How do I even address this foolishness? Her words speak for themselves.