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Stella Reddy in her document labelled “ Letter 303.docx ” to the HRTO on June 9, 2018 on page # 2 stated “ If all these things we are doing to manage this property is illegal…

Again Stella Reddy has just stated that she manages the property at 859 Kennedy Road. So it appears that she is the property manager, despite her claims she is not.

And yet again, it appears that this is another Freudian slip by Stella Reddy by her sub-conscious who wants to tell the truth.

So we have now been established that for very some strange reason Stella Reddy feels the need to have multiple social media accounts on the same social media platform.

Let us take the time to reference back to the very first time Stella Reddy started her pointless denial and defense on June 15, 2018 “ Just so you know, I am not the property manager here, I am part of a building superintendent team

What is fascinating is that on October 29, 2018 Stella Reddy’s husband, Russell Reddy changed his job title on 859 Kennedy Road notice of entry’s from “ Alto Management ” to simply “ superintendent ”

It appears with Russell Reddy’s new and sudden job title change was done in hopes of helping support his wife, Stella Reddy senseless claims that she was not a “ property management ” at 8509 Kennedy Road. But that she was just a “ superintendent ” who had a limit role within the building at 859 Kennedy Road.

If Stella Reddy and her husband Russell Reddy were always “ Superintendents ” as they claim. Why the sudden job title change from of “ Alto Management ” to “ superintendent ” after 2 years?

Because Stella Reddy’s husband is an enabler and tries to support Stella Reddy’s contentious, deliberate and obvious lies and racist behavior.

This type of behavior is common among racist who get caught and called out for their behavior. They try to do whatever they can to deflect from the real issue at hand. Even make outright lies in their attempt not to be held accountable or to be associated with being a racist.

It is clear that for some reason Stella Reddy believes, that if she believes, she has down grading her job title. It will negate her responsibilities and her accountability for her past racist actions and behavior .

With this downgrade in job titles. Stella Reddy and Russell Reddy are trying to place the entire blame on the owners Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio as they themseleves were limited in their role around decisions being made at 859 Kennedy Road. But in the end all parties involved are reasonable for the behavior of Stella Reddy.

The interracial married couple / tenants brought the racist behavior of Stella Reddy to the owners Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio attention immediately in a letter. The owners of Alto Properties Inc. Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio decided not to address the interracial married couples ( tenants ) concerns, because cheap labor was more important that issues of racism by their staff!

Let us continue.

As explained to the interracial married couple / tenants on April 07, 2017by City of Toronto Standards Officer Nicole Sweetapple. Stella Reddy emailed her in regards to a recent compliant that was filed with her, against Stella Reddy and the owners of 859 Kennedy Road Luigi Liscio and his son Anthony Liscio.

What does it say in the red box? “My name is Stella Reddy and I AM THE MANAGER HER FOR ALTO PROPERTIES INC. and I live in this property as well.

So Stella Reddy claims that she was never the property manager and was the superintendent / janitor. Then what was she the manager of?

  • Was she the manger of garabge pic-up?
  • Was she the manager of grass cutting?
  • Maybe she was the manager for stair-well safety?

You see despite the numerous social media accounts where Stella Reddy loves to brag about her Property Management titles. Or the statements she makes like ” My husband, and I have worked in PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Or the endless amounts of time she use the proerty mamngerment email, address and phone number when dealing with Alto Properties business.

Stella Reddy wants to continue to claim she was not a property manger.

Just another case of the trivial Stella Reddy lying because she feels cornered and caught in her racist behavior.

Now we understand why the City of Toronto Standards Officer Nicole Sweetapple explained to the interracial married couple / tenants that on September 08, 2017 she had spoken with Stella Reddy stating “I did hear back from the Property Management”

Because Stella Reddy claimed to be the Property Manager. City of Toronto Standards Officer Nicole Sweetapple just did not magically give her the title, Stella Reddy used it for herself because that is what Stella Reddy likes to do. Pretend that she is important.

At the time City of Toronto Standards Officer Nicole Sweetapple issued an Order to Comply in regards to repairs that need to be done immediately in the interracial married couple / tenants unit that has been ignored by Stella Reddy, Russell Reddy, the owners Luigi Liscio and his Anthony Liscio for the past 2 years.

So what Stella Reddy wants everyone to believe is that a independent, neutral and unbiased City of Toronto Standards Officer Nicole Sweetapple, who spoke to the ” property manager ” Stella Reddy is making this conversation up because Stella Reddy contentious to claim that she has never identified herself as the property manager at 859 Kennedy Road.

Back on December 15, 2019 Stella Reddy created a website looking for work in property management. Despite her newest claims recently on May 30, 2020 ” I just didn’t have the qualifications for that title ” of property manager.

Stella Reddy also stated after creating her job website in her online blog on June 04, 2020 that she has ” I never used it ( the term property manger ), ever, in my whole career in the industry as it takes certification to be able to use that title ” 

Yet her job website clearly states ” Are you looking for an experienced company to manage your property? at Stellareddy, we can offer a trustworthy team that understands real estate and is perfect at PROPERTY MANAGEMENT

Stella Reddy’s December 15, 2019 looking for a job website has the words property management written all over. And yet on June 04, 2020 ( this year ) Stella Reddy once again senselessly lied ” I never used it ( the term property manger ), ever, in my whole career in the industry as it takes certification to be able to use that title ”