LOL… Stella Reddy’s Website Is Disabled And Removed By Wix!

So once again it appears that Stella Reddy’s Self Pity / Boo Hoo website has been disabled by Wix. The odds are that Wix noticed Stella Reddy’s violation of their abusive content and they removed it from their platform.

Now Stella Reddy WILL TRY and claim that she willfully took the site down on her own, but why would she spend so much time, day and night, promoting her lies and hatred for the interracial married couple / tenants to all of a sudden to just want to take it down and walk away. That is not OCD Stella Reddy!

Stella Reddy was definitely more content with leaving the site up than she was with taking it down.

As Wix is free, Stella Reddy did not have to worry about paying to host her bigot site. Unlike in the past where she could not afford to maintain her site with a monthly bill, so she had to give it up.

Needless to say, Stella Reddy again has been called out for her racist behavior by having her site removed. “I am a firm believer in Karma!”


So as previously predicted, and not out of character. Stella Reddy just had to lie AGAIN.


Stella Reddy post March 24, 2021


This kind of stuff never gets old, we really do enjoy these precious moments that Stella Reddy hands over to us. You see, if Stella Reddy is willing to lie about such a small and trivial thing, what else would she be willing to lie about? This is something you have to consider when hiring her for employment, or even consider being her friend.

Stella Reddy claims to have taken down her site on her own, just to recreate it on another FREE hosting company. Does that make sense to anyone? Nope, because it was Wix that actually disabled and removed it and not Stella Reddy as she claims.



So shame on you ONCE AGAIN Stella Reddy. Although it appears you have no shame.

Liar, liar we see the fire
coming from your mouth each day.
The fire that burns the truth
as we struggle along our way,

the fire that inflames the heart of those
that are tired of the words you speak.
So many deceptions that come our way
day after day, week after week.

Liar, liar, pants on fire
what will it take to see you on a burning pyre?
Never a trustworthy thought do you keep.
How can you close your eyes and sleep?
It has become your way of living.
You say nothing that’s worth forgiving.

For you’re a liar, liar
with your pants on fire

Edwina Reizer


Yes, that is right, we had it removed and Wix was in total agreeance with us.

We do owe a thank you to Stella Reddy for teaching us this Life Hack.

Showing us the exact wording and terms to use to get this website removed. If it was not for Stella Reddy’s determination to try and remove our legitimate domains. Well, we probably would have no idea how to do it and her site would probably still be up.

So, Stella Reddy, we give you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for helping us learn how to remove misleading and racist content from the internet.

Suggestion, you show Be Careful What You Preach and TEACH!!!