Boo Hoo Stella Reddy Caught Lying Once Again…

Recently Stella Reddy is again promoting her Boo Hoo Pity Tour, crying about how she is treated so unfairly and still using her imaginary PTSD as a crutch to justify her racist and discriminatory behavior.

But what is so hilarious this time around about Stella Reddy’s most recent self-pity tour is her newest deliberate lie “It’s easy to see that ( the interracial married couple / tenants names ) found this site,”

This is classic Stella Reddy racist behavior. Stella Reddy always portrays the people she disagrees with negatively by weaponizing her deliberate lies and false rumors in her attempts to clear her name of wrongdoing.

Stella Reddy has always portrayed the interracial married couple / tenants as some form of stalkers who spend all their free time search for Stella Reddy on social media and the internet.

But the true facts again are that Stella Reddy actually emailed the interracial married couple / tenants with her website address, twice.

This is after interracial married couple / tenants have block Stella Reddy from emailing them with now 10 different email addresses, that Stella Reddy has created just so she could email them in hopes of provoking a response from them.

Stella Reddy’s is constantly creating new email addresses and sending emails to interracial married couple / tenants which is nothing less than stalking.

Stalking is something that Stella Reddy is very familiar with, as she and her enabling husband Russell Reddy willfully acknowledge that they stalked the interracial married couple / tenants at 859 Kennedy Road by using the building staff only survivance system which Stella Reddy was not an employee of.

So this is again, Stella Reddy being who she is, and that is just a bigot, racist, and a really really bad liar!

You see, Stella Reddy is so determined to try and convince herself and anyone who will listen that she is not a bigot and a racist. And that the female from interracial married couple / tenants is nothing more than a Black liar who is an Angry Black Woman. So to achieve this, Stella Reddy deliberately spreads false and misleading information about her and her family of 12 websites.

Just like her white supremacy friends Cherie White and John White do on Facebook, where they have been censored numerous amounts of times for spreading false and misleading information on numerous amount of topics.

Stella Reddy is the classic racist and bigot who when confronted about their racist behavior. They get desperate and try and flip the narrative to something else in hopes of taking the attention off of themselves.

We all know about this routine!!! The racist Donald Trump was a master at it, the same racist Donald Trump that Stella Reddy publicly came to the defense of in a Twitter post!

Show me your friends and I will show you what your about!